Please read before booking

  • Bookings are taken online only. If you need an accommodation please call us!
  • The maximum people in a room is 8. If you need more than 8 please call us to set something up 🙂
  • The minimum people in a room is 3. If there is less than 3 prior to your game time we will call to reschedule
  • If all spots are not booked in to a slot you may be paired with other people not in your group
  • If you want no one else in the room you need to book the entire room
  • All children under the age of 16 MUST have an adult IN THE ROOM
  • Visibly intoxicated participants will not be allowed in the room- Please save your celebration for after you escape
  • If you are booking a team building event please call us
  • If you need help booking your adventure please call us! A helpful game master will help you.
  • You must arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time to lock up your belonging. Late arrival delays other games and you will be rescheduled

Book your adventure now!!

Please make sure you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled Adventure